AA-Audit and Assurance

The Audit and Assurance (AA) syllabus is essentially divided into five areas. The syllabus starts with the nature, purpose, and scope of assurance engagements, including the statutory audit, and its regulatory environment, and introduces governance and professional ethics relating to audit and assurance. It then leads to planning the audit and performing a risk assessment. The syllabus then covers a range of areas relating to an audit of financial statements including the scope of internal control and the role and function of internal audit. These include evaluating internal controls, audit evidence, and a review of the financial statements. In addition to final review procedures, the final section concentrates on reporting, including the form and content of the independent auditor’s report.

Audit and Assurance Live Online

Prokount is offering Live online classes, which comprise lectures given over the Internet in real time. These classes will be taught by highly experienced instructors, and learners will have the chance to ask questions during and after the lecture allowing interaction through chats and comments helping make the class more dynamic by encouraging and allowing immediate answers to questions. Students can attend live online classes from the comfort of their homes. Despite being a real-time broadcast, all the content is recorded so that it can be watched later.

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  • Mock exams
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