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Foundation in Financial Mathematics

Impact Skill Course

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About Impact Skill Courses

Prokount has introduced impact skill courses, The aim of our short courses is to help students:

Firstly, Enhance the skills necessary to increase their chance of passing their professional qualification

Secondly, improve their skills in the workplace, making them better employees and therefore making their CV more employable in a competitive market.

Our professional short courses are created to give students the knowledge, experience, and abilities that employers are looking for as well as to get them ready for the digital workplace of the future. Our skills courses were created to supplement any professional accounting degree, but they are also the ideal study aid for any students enrolled in business, management, or finance courses.

About Foundation in Financial Mathematics

Our foundation in mathematics course can be taken by both students who are struggling with mathematics, as well as those needing a quick refresher before starting an accountancy course.

It can be taken before starting studies to get a solid mathematical foundation or if a candidate is stuck during an accountancy course, the applicable chapter can always be found for assistance in studies. 

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