Terms & Conditions

Prokount’s Terms of Registration

1. A non-refundable fee can be applicable which will be paid upon registration of Live Classes, Online Live Classes or on Self Study (Online option).

2. PROKOUNT offers courses (Live, Live online) on the basis that there will be sufficient students to justify running it or else the course(s) will be cancelled.

3. PROKOUNT may modify the dates of the course(s) should any unexpected/unavoidable circumstances arise. PROKOUNT’s liability in the event of any modification or cancellation will be limited to cover the full paid course fees.

4. For Live and Online Live courses, no refund will be entertained unless the written request is received at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the course. Before processing refund, the material (hard copies and digital form of material) and platform cost will be deducted as it is 3rd party cost. However, there will be no refund on Self Study (online option) once the product/course has been sold.

5. For Live and Online Live course(s), deferral requests should be made in writing, two weeks from the course commencement date. No deferral requests will be entertained thereafter. Fees can be deferred for one session only, and course fees paid will not be refunded. Students are not allowed to attend a different course/subject for an approved deferral request. In case of deferring course, material (hard copies and digital form of material) and platform cost can be charged as it is 3rd party cost.

6. PROKOUNT reserves the right to change the fee structure without prior notice. 

7. In case a candidate decides to switch from a full parts registration to a part by part registration, the fees of the part by part registration will apply in that case, and the candidate will have to pay for the parts attended based on a part by part registration. 

8. No refund will be processed if a candidate disappears or fails to attend all or some of his lectures related to his/her registered course and term.

9. For the avoidance of doubt, the client shall be liable to pay any applicable taxes, duties, surcharges, service charges and other levies related to this programme. Client shall hold PROKOUNT harmless from any taxes, including penalties and interest, imposed by any governmental authority in connection with this Agreement”.

10. In case of online purchase of course, PROKOUNT will confirm the registration/purchase once payment will hit Prokount bank account.

11. Once the payment is successfully completed, your order will be processed on receipt of funds from the banks, credit card company and payment gateway. Thereafter, you will receive a confirmation email with login details in order to proceed further.

12. During online payment process, if due to any technical reasons, client’s payment gets stuck/charge, PORKOUNT will not be responsible. However, Prokount will provide support from their end to solve this matter.

13. Client understands and agrees that the Materials are protected by copyright law and are only being licensed for Candidate's individual and personal use in preparation to sit for the Exam and/or to attend any related courses or workshops during the License Term.

14. Client shall not copy, record on any support, sell, loan or divulge any materials to any other party, or allow any other person to do so. All notes taken by client and all materials shall be kept in client’s possession at all time.

15. Client may not record any lectures of the Live and Live Online course. Client and no one else may use the textbooks, notes, materials, and products from courses, or any other related materials such as practice materials, software content, online usernames and passwords.

16. Violating of the copyright to the materials or the terms of this agreement may result in legal action. Such action may include but not be limited to a formal complaint to professional bodies or ethics committees worldwide, which may result in disqualifying client’s professional designation and nullifying his/her examination scores. Client is warned that copyright violation may also result in fines or other penalties following civil or criminal suits.

I declare that I have read and accept the above-mentioned Registration terms & conditions.